In our office, we always like to push the boat out and do something different for Christmas. All the other offices in the building always do the same old awkward staff Christmas party, or go out for a night on the town. We always like to push the boat out and do things other companies could only ever dream of. There’s no wonder everybody on the team loves working here- we always have fantastic festive fun to look forward to every single year.

This year, I was put in charge of arranging the staff Christmas party- my boss gave me only rule and that was to think outside the box! As long as I chose something nobody else would ever dream of doing, we had the perfect activity, as well as the perfect way to end the working year to celebrate after 12 months of hard work. Without a moment to waste, I rushed online to see if I could find any activities that were available to take part in, even deep into the winter months.

Many extreme and adventure sports venues close long before Christmas, so this was a challenge that was easier said than done. Luckily, I soon stumbled on Roll Mania’s website, where I had the choice of either zorbing or bubble football as a festive experience. Seizing the chance to take on a cracking team building exercise, as well as a brilliantly fun one, I decided to book a bubble football match for us. Everybody on the team thinks they are the best sales person- it would be fun to see if they are as good at taking part in this weird and wonderful sport!

There was an indoor bubble football pitch just a short drive away from the office, so we didn’t even have to travel far in order to get there. The fact it was an indoor pitch was definitely a bonus; we could get away from all the miserable winter weather, whilst still having the time of our lives. Without a moment to waste, I booked online with Roll Mania. It only took a few minutes and our place on the pitch was ready and waiting for us.

When I told the rest of the team I’d booked a bubble football experience for us to take part in, most of them had never even heard of the sport before. They quickly searched for clips on YouTube and were happy to find out it was one of the most bonkers sports that you can possibly play- and that one of the country’s leading pitches was just a few minutes down the road. On the days leading up to the final day in the office, when we were going to play bubble football, none of the team could wait.

When the day arrived, everybody was rushing to finish their work so they could get down there. Upon arrival at the site, the staff were all incredibly friendly and got us straight into the swing of things. Some of our employees have their own football league, but they have definitely never taken part in anything as unpredictable as this before- they took every opportunity to bounce and roll around the pitch!

We had a great time and would definitely come back again for round two. Thanks to Roll Mania for giving us one of the best Christmas parties ever!