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Zorbing Manchester

Manchester is one of Europe’s most beloved cities and it isn’t hard to see why. With a rich cultural heritage and a fantastic night life, it is impossible to have a dull moment in the city. But we think there is more to Manchester than the city centre has to offer; in fact, the real star attractions are hidden in and around the city- Roll Mania’s premier adventure sports locations.

We have a plethora of weird and wonderful activities for you to take part in- some of the most bonkers sports that are currently sweeping the nation and are as addictive as they are strange. All of them provide a perfect adrenaline rush, so we can assure you that satisfaction is guaranteed. Located incredibly close to the city centre, we have a wide range of bubble football pitches. Combining the thrill of zorbing with the beautiful game, it makes for an unforgettable experience.

With 2 bubble football pitches in Manchester, as well as nearby locations in Trafford, Bolton and Wigan, you are never too far away from letting loose on the playing field. Why run around in mud, when you could bounce and roll around in a fast, furious and completely unpredictable football match? With specially designed pitches, this is like no other game you’ve ever been a part of before.

If this doesn’t sound like the thrill ride for you, don’t worry. We are a stone’s throw from one of the UK’s leading zorbing locations in Macclesfield. Based in the heart of the stunning Cheshire countryside, this site is surrounded by picturesque scenery from all angles, perfect to look at when you climb up our steep hill. But it is even better to roll at full throttle speeds towards when you climb into our giant hamster ball!

Forget seeing the sights in Manchester. If you really want a cracking time experiencing the delights of the city, book with Roll Mania today for a brilliant adventure.