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Zorbing Bristol

Bristol is a gateway city; right next to Wales and the South West, as well as being in quick striking distance from the Midlands, it is surrounded by major cities from every angle. As one of the UK’s leading adventure sports brands, Roll Mania has a plethora of venues in and around the city, all offering unforgettable experiences.

When you think of Roll Mania, the first thing you think of is probably zorbing. Well, Bristol is just a short drive away from some of the UK’s best sites- so you’d better roll with it and take a trip to one of these! A fantastic day out is guaranteed when you make the journey over to Malvern in Worcestershire, one of the premier zorbing locations in the Midlands. With breathtaking steep hills, you are in for one wild ride and a perfect adrenaline rush.

Or, you could travel further South to Devon and our Yarnscombe site. Some people think of zorbing as nothing more than being thrown into a rubber ball and pushed down a hill. What they don’t realise is the feeling of pure exhilaration when you take part in the fun- why else would so many people be rushing back to our stellar Roll Mania sites? This is heart pounding excitement at its finest. If you’ve never been zorbing before, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with it after a day with us.

Roll Mania don’t just specialise in zorbing thrills. Across Bristol and the South West, we have a wide range of bubble football locations. This is the latest weird and wonderful activity to sweep the nation; with the top half of your body inside a zorb and your legs exposed, this is a football match that incorporates full body bouncing, turning the beautiful game into an unpredictable frenzy! With two pitches in Bristol and nearby locations in Bath and Cardiff, there are plenty of Roll Mania locations near you.

With all these venues and plenty more near Bristol, there is no shortage of thrills. Book with Roll Mania today and get ready for the time of your life.