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Zorbing Croydon

When you’re in Croydon, awesome action seems a million miles away, as it is easy to be overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city. Luckily, Roll Mania aims to connect you with some of the most weird and wonderful adventure sports the country has to offer. With a wide range of brilliant bubble football and zorbing venues just a short drive away, there is no excuse not to join us to take part in these one of a kind thrills.

Did you know there was a bubble football location in Croydon? This bonkers ball sport is slowly taking over the nation, with dozens of venues directly on the doorstep of Greater London. Here, anything goes; with the top half of your body in a zorb and your legs free to race around, you can roll and bounce your team to victory. Trust us, it is far more fun than just tackling rival players- once you’ve played this zorbing twist on the beautiful game, you’ll never want to go back to the classic sport.

But Croydon isn’t the only bubble football location you’ll find in the London area. Just a short drive away in the trendy neighbourhood of Whitechapel, you will see yet another brilliant indoor pitch. This is one of the busiest bubble football locations in the country and it isn’t hard to see why. Located just moments from the heart of the capital, it frequently attracts groups from stag and hen parties, as well as birthday celebrations. Once you’ve witnessed the action for yourself, you’ll understand why people keep coming back for more.

But this isn’t the only brilliant activity that you’ll find close to Croydon, as we have a brilliant zorbing location just a short drive away too. In the picturesque location of Sittingbourne, Kent, you will see stunning scenery in an unrivalled natural landscape. There is no better place to throw you into a giant hamster ball and roll you down a hill, as you take part in one of the most intense and exhilarating zorbing experiences in Britain.

Feeling bored of the city? Then experience a whole world of adventure hidden just moments away. Book with Roll Mania today to make sure you can be a part of it all.