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Zorbing Cardiff

The Welsh capital attracts millions of visitors each year, due to a perfect mix of cultural attractions and awesome night life. But there are plenty of awesome attractions just a stone’s throw away that tourists will likely miss out on: Roll Mania’s terrific venues, in and around Cardiff. If you are looking for an action fix unlike anything you’ve been a part of before, you’ll definitely love everything we have to offer.

Just moments away from the city centre, you can find a stellar bubble football pitch. If you haven’t heard of bubble football before, where have you been? This is the bonkers sports craze that has been sweeping the nation- and now it is your time to see why. With your top half in a zorb and your legs free in order to lead your team to victory on the pitch, this is the most unpredictable game of football you’ll ever be a part of. Our specially designed pitch means you can bounce and roll your way to victory too, so get ready for some bonkers action!

We don’t just offer bubble football. Cardiff is surrounded by awesome zorbing venues, just a short car journey away. If you want to escape the city for the day, then take a drive to the stunning British countryside and prepare for the ultimate adrenaline rush. So head on down to the South Coast and discover our Yarnscombe site. The beautiful Devon location ensures picturesque views- but who cares about that when you can be racing down steep hills at lightning fast speeds?

Further East in the Midlands, you’ll find our Malvern site. Head spinning action really doesn’t get better than this; after being strapped into one of our gigantic hamster balls, you’ll be left feeling completely and utterly exhilarated after rolling down a breathtaking steep hill. This is one of Britain’s best zorbing sites and it just across the Welsh border, a short journey away. It is the perfect location for a fantastic day out.

Here at Roll Mania, we pride ourselves on connecting you to some of the most bonkers adventure experiences in the UK. There are plenty to choose from near Cardiff, so don’t hesitate- book with us today.