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Zorbing Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city is a delight for tourists across the world. One of the planet’s leading capitals of culture, with plenty of historical landmarks to boot, there is no wonder millions of people flock to the city every year. But they’re all missing out on the city’s true highlights; the wide range of brilliant Roll Mania locations spread across the city. After all, you aren’t going to get the perfect adrenaline rush by visiting a museum, are you?

Closest to the heart of the city centre are our brilliantly bonkers bubble football pitches. This sport is slowly becoming as popular as the beautiful game in the UK, with more and more Roll Mania venues popping up across the country. With the top half of your body in a zorb and the bottom exposed, this game revolutionises football by letting you bounce and roll your way to victory on a specially designed 3G pitch.

But this isn’t the only weird and wonderful action fix we supply. If you want thrills that will make your head roll, look no further than our stellar zorbing locations. Less than ten minutes, you can find Roll Mania’s Edinburgh location, which is one of the biggest and fastest zorbing slopes in the country. Clocking in at a jaw dropping 200 metres, climbing in to our mammoth hamster ball guarantees heart pounding thrills.

If you want to escape the city for a day, then take a short drive further into the Highlands and discover our brilliant Cumbernauld location. Scotland is the perfect place to take part in breathless zorbing adventures, with plenty of giant rolling hills and beautiful scenery for miles around. When you zorb at this location, you won’t be disappointed; you’ll be eager to climb on board and strap in, ready to be hurtled at death defying speeds down the steep hill. You will never feel more alive than you will here.

The most fun you’ll have in Edinburgh is hidden away from all the regular tourist traps. Book with one of our Roll Mania locations today and see how our sites live up to the hype.