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Zorbing Newcastle

As one of Britain’s most famous cities, Newcastle has more than its fair share of attractions to please the millions of tourists that pass through every year. But as the crowds flock to see the Angel of the North or the night life in the city, they will be missing out on the real thrills you can find on the Tyne: our brilliant range of Roll Mania locations. Spread across the North East, you are only a short drive away from an unpredictable thrill like nothing you’ve been a part of before.

In and around Newcastle, there are plenty of sites where you can take part in the bonkers new sport that is taking the nation by storm: bubble football. Our Newcastle pitch is just outside the city centre and couldn’t be more fun to take part in. With the top half of your body in a zorb and the bottom free to roam around, you can either roll past rival players or tackle them as normal. One thing is guaranteed- this is the most unpredictable game you could possibly imagine!

Just make the short journey over to Gateshead and you’ll find another of our premier bubble football pitches. Here, we have the highest quality zorbs you’ll find anywhere in the country, complete with a specially designed 3G pitch. When you can play here, you can forget about the mud and focus entirely on the bouncy thrill of it all.

Bubble football isn’t the only exciting activity Roll Mania offers just a stone’s throw from Newcastle. Just a short drive away in Hexham, Northumberland, you’ll find the North East’s only zorbing location, which is a must visit for thrill seekers everywhere. Based on spectacular countryside grounds on the gigantic Slaley Hall estate, you’ll be placed into a 12ft hamster ball and rolled down some notoriously steep hills. This is a unique thrill that you will be eager to try again- now you know why hamsters have so much fun.

Leave the city and all the usual tourist traps behind. When you’re in Newcastle, our Roll Mania locations should be your first and only port of call for an adrenalin fix.