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Zorbing St Albans

The city of St Albans attracts millions of people every year, due to its prominent location between London and central Hertfordshire. Many of people think it is one of the most beautiful towns in the UK, but if you live here, you’re probably bored of being associated with the quaint lifestyle. Luckily, St Albans is just a short drive away from countless stellar Roll Mania locations, so you can escape the peace and quiet for a day to have a fantastic action fix.

Closest to the city, we have two brilliant bubble football locations. In case you didn’t know, bubble football is the bonkers adventure sport that is currently sweeping the nation. Combing zorbing with the beautiful game, bubble football is wild, unpredictable and a whole lot of fun. At our Watford location, just a short drive from St. Albans, you’ll be able to get your head in a zorb and prepare for the weirdest football match you’ll ever be a part of.

Nearby, in Barnet, you’ll be able to play on a specially designed bubble football pitch. This 3G pitch removes the mud and replaces it with a whole lot of bounce. When you’re playing bubble football, it is no fun just tackling rival players- especially when you can roll and bounce your team’s way to victory!

But bubble football isn’t the only action packed activity that Roll Mania has to offer in the south. Make the journey down to Sittingbourne, Kent and you’ll find one of Britain’s best zorbing locations. Here, you’ll be strapped into a giant hamster ball, before you are rolled down a jaw dropping steep hill at speeds of up to 30mph. This isn’t an experience for the faint of heart. But it is adrenaline fuelled fun at its very best.

To be a part of all these experiences and plenty more, book with Roll Mania today. You definitely won’t regret being a part of the fun.